Stretching the Definition of a Salad

The options for lunch today were a little slim.  I am an addict for mixed green salads.  It seems that I feel better and lighter when I eat a salad for lunch as opposed to something loaded with carbohydrates, protein, fat, and sodium which seems to be the modus operandi for everyone coming into the building at noon.  Do not even get me started on the nutritional content of what is offered at my office’s cafeteria.  Let’s just say that it is eerily similar to the before segments of school lunches on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show.

So, today I stretched the definition of salad and raided the crisper.  Celery hearts were leftover from a pasta sauce recipe earlier in the week, a bunch of asparagus was brought over by a neighbor who had too much, green onions were a remainder from this week’s CSA pick-up, and the baby carrots were the last third of a bag my wife has been working on for three days.  Add a little dijon wasabi dressing and parmesan cheese…voila…a lunch salad.

It's sort of a salad, I guess
I guess that this is my way of not wasting food.  Too often I see mention that up to half all food harvested in the United States is wasted.  That is just obscene when even in this country people go to sleep hungry.  It’s also obscene when you consider that it is possible to throw away so much food yet have a population careerning toward an obesity armageddon.

BTW, how does someone have too much asparagus to eat?  I did not think it was possible, but people continue to surprise me.


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