Friday Linkage 6/24/2011

On Fridays I like to share articles, videos, and what not that I found interesting over the previous week.

The indignity of industrial tomatoes—An excerpt from the newly released Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit.  The excerpt, and I am sure the book as well, describe in scary detail how modern industrial agriculture has destroyed the tomato.  Is destroyed a harsh word to use?  Have you actually tried a modern tomato at the grocery store?  I would rather eat a red tennis ball.

CSAs are a growing revolution—The Star Tribune is a little late to this party, but anytime a major metropolitan newspaper covers CSAs in such a favorable light it is a good thing.  Now, if I could only get the people at Fox News…whatever.

Sunscreen effectiveness—For those sun worshippers and outdoor fanatics, okay me, this is critical information.  As if I were not scared about the chemicals in my food, water, and air I am also now scared about what is in the sunscreen I put on my skin.  Man, life is complicated.

Why recycling plastic bottles doesn’t help the problem—I am always hesitant to view recycling as a panacea for environmental problems.  Heck, it’s at the end of the holy trinity of reduce, reuse, and recycle.  In my opinion, it ought to be behind reduce, repair, and reuse.

Five ethanol myths, busted—I am truly conflicted about ethanol.  Biofuels, specifically the so-called second generation biofuels, are a crucial component of non-petroleum transportation infrastructure.  However, these fuels always seem to come with trade-offs that are as bad as the problems that are solved.

One village envisions a post-oil food system—Nothing truly new in this video, but a nice run through of the things people can be doing to get ready for the coming post-oil future.  I do not know if things are going to look like A World Made by Hand , but being ready cannot hurt.

Organic Industry Structure—An oldie, but a goodie.  Who really owns the company behind that crunchy, organic logo?


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