Friday Linkage 8/26/2011

An unexpected death in the family and a road trip from Iowa to Ohio means that all the stuff I had planned to write about will get shifted until next week at the earliest.  This assumes that I do not spend the weekend laid up in bed with some mystery illness or a project I think will take an hour ends up consuming an entire Sunday.  The joys of being an adult homeowner.

At Vacant Homes, Foraging for Fruit—Imagine all the potential of all those vacant lots producing food.  Sometimes, it is already there waiting to be picked by an enterprising individual.

Fox News’ The Five Is Full of Clean Energy Errors—Imagine that, Fox News peddles distortions, myths, and outright lies about clean energy.  Imagine that coming from an organization owned by a media conglomerate implicated in phone hacking and general malfeasance globally.

Gasoline Demand Drops to Decade Low—Demand for gasoline in the United States in July was the lowest for that month in a decade.  Previous declines in U.S. gas consumption had been blamed on a variety of economic factors, but none of those trends are consistent with the most recent decline.  The unemployment rate is lower, economic activity is higher, etc.  Interesting.

Share a Car, Save the Planet—Car sharing uses fewer resources?  No way.  I just wish I had access to a car sharing service in my town.  Some day…

Mazda Harvest Old Cars for New—On one of my bike routes around town I pass an automobile graveyard.  The vehicles are in various states of disrepair and disassembly.  I always wonder about the ability of industry to recycle these vehicles into new vehicles.  It is encouraging to see that some companies are taking steps to consider how to recycle a car when the car is designed.

North Hollywood Community Garden—The latest entry in a series about community gardens in the Los Angeles area highlights a garden in North Hollywood.  It’s just an interesting snapshot of a community in development.


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