Bottle Options

As I prepare to brew my own beer several bottling options are being considered:

From left to right: 22 oz traditional cap, 15.4 oz Grolsch bottles, and 64 oz “growler” screw top jugs.

The 22 oz traditional cap bottles are intended to be the mainstay of my bottling.  Unlike 12 oz bottles I will be forced to fill fewer bottles and cap fewer bottles.  Both of these are good things when one is looking to bottle upwards of 5 gallons of beer.

The 64 oz “growler” jugs are meant to hold beer that I will take to parties or friends’ homes.  I think the bottle is interesting and it means I only need to worry about taking home a couple of bottles rather than a 12 pack.

The Grolsch bottles are an interesting choice.  I have always loved the swing top and know many homebrewers who use them from time to time.  However, there is a considerable contingent in the homebrew community who feel that the green glass leads to skunky beer.  Green and clear glass do a less than admirable job of blocking the light wavelengths that turn the alpha acid compounds from hops into the dreaded skunky sulfur compounds.  This can be avoided by keeping the beer in a dark location, e.g. not the open shelves under florescent lights of most liqour stores.  Plus, acquiring the bottles requires drinking beer.  I can do that.

Funny story about Grolsch.  Years ago a friend and I were travelling through the Netherlands and stopped in Enschede for an afternoon.  At a cafe we ordered lunch and my friend asked for a Heineken.  The waitresses responded with a curt “Neh.”  My friend just asked for whatever beer.  Looking over his shoulder I noticed a giant Grolsch mirror with the location of Enschede underneath the logo.  Ooops.


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