Beer Recipe Kits

My homebrew adventure is going to begin with a couple of recipe kits from Northern Brewer.  WIth my deluxe starter kit I order an American wheat and a honey Kolsch recipe kit.

Here are the contents of the honey Kolsch kit:

The larger bottle contains malt extract syrup, the smaller bottle is clover honey, and the two foil packs contain hops.  Not pictured is a package of yeast in the refrigerator.

Brewing with malt extract is the first step in homebrewing for most people and many do not move onto partial mash or all grain brewing.  I have had many excellent homebrews made from malt extract.  Heck, you can even get organic malt extract.

Once I get my feet wet with the first two recipe kits I intend to strike out on my own and create a recipe using organic malt extract.  Oh the options!


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