Friday Linkage 9/9/2011

I did not think that I would hear mention of Galileo during the most recent Republican presidential candidate debate, but Governor Rick Perry is never one to disappoint when it comes to sound bites.  Too bad for him the analogy fell flat.  At least it was better than Mitt Romney telling a crowd in Iowa that corporations are people too.  That hurts so good.
California Shark Fin Ban One Step Closer to Law—Having passed the Senate, California’s shark fin ban only needs Governor Jerry Brown’s signature to become law.  Although some have likened this to an attack on Chinese culture, it is truly a victory for conservation efforts if the governor has the temerity to sign the bill.
Solar City to Double Photovoltaic Systems on Homes by 2016—Solar City just seems to keep on trucking despite some of the bad news that has rocked the U.S. solar industry lately.  Armed with private capital and federal loan guarantees, Solar City is hoping to put 160,000 solar photovoltaic systems on U.S. homes by 2016.  Bravo!
Are my Chickens Worth It?— Like me brewing my own beer, people make an economic argument when it comes to their backyard chickens.  However, this article really begs the question about how “frugal” it is to keep chickens.
Sacrifices and Restrictions as Central Texas Town Copes With Drought— Maybe people just need to remember that they live in a desert and plan accordingly.  Acres of green grass for a golf course do not fit with an environment that gets rainfall of less than a foot a year.  Yes, I am looking at you Phoenix!
Mushroom Frontier—Well, if keeping chickens and growing tomatoes is passé then it is time to culture some fungi.  I remember some friends in college trying to grow mushrooms, but it was not for the culinary value if you get my drift.

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