My First Original Recipe

After my first batch was brewed I decided to get creative for two reasons.  First, I think I discovered that the aroma of Cascade hops does not agree with me.  Upon further research I discover that this is the aroma considered to be characteristic of American ales, which is what I am trying to avoid by brewing my own beer.  Second, I am planning a trip to Colorado in four weeks and my honey Kolsch recipe requires six weeks to be ready.  I wanted to bring a couple of varieties of my homebrew to the Rocky Mountains.  Priorities.

My original recipe consists of three primary components:

  • Organic Light Malt Extract Syrup – I chose an organic product because it formed the second major ingredient after water.  This recipe will include 6 pounds of malt extract syrup, which is typical for a 6 gallon batch.
  • US Tettnang Hop Pellets – This is a hop with a low alpha of 3.5 to 6%.  According to the description it is supposed to have a mild, spicy aroma.
  • Wyeast 1010 American Wheat – This liquid yeast is a pretty typical strain for “lawnmower” beers.  It is supposed to produce dry, slightly tart, and crisp beers.  All of which are qualities I am looking for.

For this batch I chose to forgo any additions like bitter orange or coriander, both of which are flavor profiles that I love in beers.  I did this in order to see if I like the “base” recipe before creating something more complex.  My hope is that I can create something that serves as an excellent canvas for some seasonality in my beers.

In about two weeks I will be bottling this recipe and an additional two weeks after that I will enjoying it with a view of the front range of the Rocky Mountains.


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