Eat the Freezer

Despite my best efforts at the grocery store to buy only what we need for a given week of eating, in order to avoid waste, the freezer inevitably ends up with a menagerie of random items—corn dogs from a party we had for my daughter, mozzarella sticks from some event that I can no longer remember, remnants of ice cream quarts, and so on.

The preceding week and forthcoming weekend I am taking food out of the freezer and using it in recipes or just plain eating it.  Friday’s chicken and wild rice soup was enhanced with the addition of a quart bag of potato gnocchi I had frozen during the summer when I experimented with seasonal vegetable pastas.  Sunday’s chili was the recipient of a clutch of different canned beans that I had been collecting from recipes that are buried in a thick file folder.

This is a companion effort to my Raiders of the Forgotten Pantry.  About every six months I open the pantry and start to wonder why I bought some of the canned goods or sauces that cower in the dusty back corners.  The slide out shelves I installed last winter really make this job easier because I no longer have to reach way back and fumble for mystery bottles.

What do you have lurking in the bottom of your freezer waiting to be unearthed?


One response to “Eat the Freezer

  1. If only I knew …. often my family refuses to open the freezer for fear of being harmed by falling bags!

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