Weigh-in Wednesday 10/5/2011

I have established my challenge of weighing less than 190 pounds by April 1, 2012.  Sure, weight is an arbitrary number when considered against more holistic health measures, but it is the one that gets me to work out five days a week.

Today, the weight number really hit home because I did a biometric screening for work.  My employer, as part of providing health insurance, makes everyone do a personal health assessment every year.  Included in that assessment is a biometric screening that checks weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.  As in previous years all of my numbers, save for my weight, were optimal.  Again, as in previous years, my BMI came back as obese.

To make matters even worse, the automated message suggested that I need to lose 30 to 49 pounds.  Apparently, according to the system, even losing 21 pounds would have major health benefits.  Thanks.

Just some extra motivation I suppose.  Here are the numbers:

Last Week: 206 lbs

This Week: 208.2 lbs

To Lose: 18.2 lbs


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