Why I Have Sworn Off Industrial Food

As if reading articles and books on the dangers of industrial food were not enough.  As if watching television stories about people dying from eating cantaloupe tainted with listeria were not enough.  No, it is pictures like these that make me very happy that I am trying my hardest to swear off industrial food:
Granted, poultry is one of the most industrial foods.  If you have every visited a facility that raises broiler hens or seen videos from facilities involved in some steps of the process it is madness.  There is an element of dystopian visions to this method of food production. Just consider what Mercy for Animals videotaped at the Hy-Line Hatchery.

Seeing these animals in these conditions makes me recoil.  I still eat meat–very little of it compared to the average American–but I want that meat to come from animals that have been treated well.  If these animals are to pay the ultimate price for my sustenance than I should have the decency to not be cruel.  Maybe that is hippy dippy of me, but I do not care anymore.  Trying to moderate my opinions to placate ignorance is a prescription for disappointment.

Note: The picture above originally appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in an article about a turkey processing facility.  See it here. 


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