Friday Linkage 10/28/2011

I’m back!  Okay, I way back earlier in the week and even managed to weigh myself, but after 16 hours of traversing Nebraska it really took until Friday for me to feel like I was home and not between car trips.  Colorado was great.  On to the links.

A Conservative’s Idea of Conservation:

Google Beer–Google has placed bee hives on one of its buildings and, like President Obama, has used the honey to brew some beer.  My most recent homebrew was a honey Kolsch that is still fermenting away in the carboy although it should be going into bottles this weekend.

A Googol of Heat Beneath Our Feet–Man, I love Google.  If it is not beer, it is green energy.  The potential of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) is kind of amazing.  Especially considering that EGS would be baseload power–the type that can replace coal fired power plants.

Brave New Thermostat–Household temperature control seems like such a boring item to talk about compared to mounting solar panels on a house or other eco minded activities.  But home heating and cooling is a major opportunity to save energy on a massive scale.  The soon-to-be released Nest Thermostat is one of the coolest improvements on a normally invisible household product in a long time.

Dow Starts Mass Marketing of Solar Shingle–While I think the Nest thermostat is really cool, I still think solar panels are sweet.  Solar shingles seem to be a sweet compromise between being green and maintaining “normal” aesthetics.  I remember reading about these solar shingles months, if not years ago, and the product is finally coming to market in scale.  Progress.

From a Farm Stand, New and Old Insights–Just a nice little snippet on someone who came back to the land to farm.

The Passive Pasta Cooking Method–Now I have something else to try.  The passive pasta cooking method reminds me of some people that I knew who use insulated boxes to cook in a similar way.  Hmmm….

The Sheer Scale of the Shark Fin Trade–These photos just show the insane brutality of the shark fin trade.  At least Toronto has joined the march toward banning this barbarism.









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