Friday Linkage 11/4/2011

Slow week at work.  Got caught up in a reorganization, ended up doing my old job and a new job for the same pay.  Great.  At least the links are good.

Local Solar and the Economy–Oh yeah, it’s an infographic:


Confessions of a Former Big Food Executive–The interview from Grist as well as Bruce Bradley’s blog are worth your time if you care about the changes to the food system writ large.  Heck, you should read it even if you get everything from your garden because it will scare you even further.

The Lost Art of Buying from a Butcher–Hopefully, the microtrend of people buying meat from a butcher is something that moves beyond trendy enclaves in New York City.  Of course, here in Iowa there are still butchers behind the counters at our supermarkets and meat markets that provide full service.  Some things never go out of style.

Climate Change Skeptic Comes Around on Koch Dime–You mean the truth actually can win out versus copious amounts of money?  Wow.  Now if only that karma thing would come back around on the Koch brothers.

Ikea to Sell Low Cost LED Bulbs–This place can sell a bookcase for $39, a complete meal of Swedish meatballs for $3, and god knows what else for so little money.  Ikea selling LEDs is likely to push the cost down.  A lot.

Hunt for Nurdles–Nurdles, little pieces of plastic used in the production of plastic, are a major menace to the environment beyond the usual problems of plastic pollution.  Why?  Because the nurdles end up in the food chain.  Bad.

Occupy the Easy Way–Now I know what to do with all of the credit card offers I get in one week.  This week?  Six offer letters.  Now, six letters back to the credit card companies asking them about lending practices on their dime.  Sweet.

How Sea Salt is Harvested–It is not a political or environmental story per se, but the process to harvest sea salt is fascinating nonetheless.


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