Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking with children is not exactly high on a lot of people’s lists of things to do, but on vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park I came to appreciate what travelling at a four year old’s speed can do…you appreciate things a little bit more.

Driving up to the trail head on the first morning, we were greeted with sub-30 degree temps and a nice snowfall.  In the car, it was beautiful to look at and my daughter was going nuts.  Out of the car, I realized that I was woefully underdressed as other people pulled out down coats, etc.  Ooops.

At least things looked pretty:

Bear Lake is a short hike (0.6 miles) just a few hundred feet from the parking lot.  The lack of strenuous miles was made up for in my daughter’s excitement:

From the loop there were several stunning views of snow capped and fog shrouded peaks:

The trail to Sprague Lake, which is near the Bear Lake trailhead, was a beautiful site:

The next day the weather was absolutely beautiful.  What had been snowy and cold was sunny and crisp.  With the kids in two we set out to make it to Alberta Falls, a 0.6 mile hike one way so roughly double what we had done the day before.

A little bit of exertion is rewarded with an excellent view of some falls:

Nothing is quite the playground that nature can be:

My daughter will not suffer from outdoor deficit disorder.


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