LED in the House

The drop in temperature as fall transitions toward winter means one thing…CFLs  that are dim until warming up.  For the longest time I have wanted to replace some of my higher use CFLs with newer LEDs, but the price has been prohibitive. Wandering through the local Home Depot I saw that the Philips AmbientLED 12.5W (60 watt incandescent equivalent) was on sale for ~$25.  This price was about half of what I had seen the bulbs for previously.

I purchased two bulbs to replace two 15 watt globe-style CFLs in a pair of downlight pendants over the island in the kitchen.  These lights are frequently on and the current bulbs are quite dim while warming up.

The AmbientLEDs are on the shelf in a pretty package:

One downside to the bulb is the amount of packaging:

Package much?  I guess if a person is spending $25 on a light bulb expected to last for years there is an expectation of secure packaging.  At least there was very little  blister pack plastic.

The bulb is a substantial piece of hardware.  For the $25 you are getting a bulb that feels heavy in the hand.  Side by side with the old bulb, the AmbientLED is actually shorter in length which was a surprise:

Compared to the old CFL bulb, the Philips AmbientLED was instantly at full brightness:

The Philips AmbientLED looks like a winner.


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