Weigh-in Wednesday 11/23/2011

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I am concerned about my weight.  No, I am not worried about ruining my chances at getting down to my goal of 190 pounds through too much turkey, football, and beer.  Rather, I am concerned about why I am not losing weight at all.  Instead I seem to be fluctuating between 205 and 207 pounds.  It’s a good place to be after knocking on the door of 230 pounds for a while, but it is a little frustrating.  Kind of hoping for a breakthrough sometime soon.

My workout regime is yielding results everywhere but the scale.  I feel great and my clothes are looser.  Heck, my jeans are starting to look like a sick joke but I cannot own up to buying another pair until I have hit my weight loss goal.  All of my work clothes had to go through a refresh cycle because I looked like I was wearing someone else’s stuff.

I have added some strength training to my light cardio days.  Light cardio days are 60 minutes and heavy cardio days are 90 minutes.  I picked up the strength training ideas from some random men’s magazines.  One is called the “55.”  It is done by starting with 10 push up and 1 body weight squat.  After a short period of rest–20 to 30 seconds–the next routine decreases the first by one and increases the second by one.  In the end you do 55 reps of each exercise.  The other is called the “tailpipe.”  At the end of the workout I do 25 reps of bicep curl, tricep kickback, military press, kettlebell swing, and burpees broken only by 8 deep breaths.  It does not sound like much, but because it comes at the end of a workout your body is pretty well gassed.

In an effort to break things up this winter because bicycling season is almost over–the last time I was out this week there were some slick spots from frost–I am looking at a rowing machine to spell the treadmill sessions.  In college I was a fan of the rowing machines at the University of Minnesota’s rec center but that was almost 15 years ago.

Last Week: 205.4 lbs

This Week: 207.2 lbs

To Go: 17.2 lbs


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