Friday Linkage 11/25/2011

The leftovers have been put away, the carcass is ready for stock making, the football games are over, and the shopping season has just begun.  I do not know if it is just me, but this year’s Black Friday “event” seems more overblown than ever.  Maybe it’s the stores that are open on Thanksgiving evening or the stores that publish maps to the deals.  Whatever.  At least I have not read any stories about people being killed in the mad rush when the doors open.

Stuffed to the Gills–Stuff is taking over our lives.  On Black Friday this is more apparent as people line up outside of stores to buy things and spend hours fighting with other people to buy things.  How much stuff do we really need?

War on Vegetables

Is pizza actually a vegetable?

Totally Green Apples–Michael Phillips makes me envious.  I really want to turn part of my yard into an organic apple orchard in an attempt to reduce my food miles.  What Phillips is doing at Heartsong Farms is the type of agriculture I think that will make a difference in the future.

Local Food Economy Explained in Two Charts–Two simple charts that clearly explain the problems facing the local food economy in the United States.  Sure, the issue is more complex than this but the core of the problem is present.

Tax Dollars to Export Factory Meat–Yep, your tax dollars are used to promote the export of factory meat.  Why?

The Empathy Deficit–People who are rich have a problem seeing the problems of the world precisely because they are rich.  Herman Cain thinks America’s health care system is nothing short of awesome because he can afford to pay for the highest level of care and gets access no other person can.  Clowns.


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