Weigh-in Wednesday 12/14/2011

A fraction of a pound–okay, 0.4 of a pound–is progress and in one week that is pretty good.  Heck, over the course of a year that would be over 20 pounds lost.  But, in light of some of my recent backsliding it just feels like getting back to the starting line.

Hopefully, with the holiday almost here I will stop having a hectic schedule at work–being shut down between Christmas and New Years will help–so I can focus on some harder cardio workouts.  I think the problem lies less in the workouts and more in the calories consumed.

The major meals of the day are not the problem.  It’s the almost unconscious snacking at night before bed.  Last night I took a step back and thought it through.  Dinner consisted of baked chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.  All good sized portions and what not.  However, I ate a bag of microwave popcorn and some chocolate.  By my estimate that was 400 to 500 calories that was added to the daily total.  Over the course of a week that would equal one pound of fat to work off.  Ugh.

Last Week: 208.6 lbs

This Week: 208.2 lbs

To Lose: 18.2 lbs


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