Friday Linkage 12/16/2011

Why are people allowed to move in December?  In Minnesota?  This weekend is promising to be brutal as I move my brother into the first house his family will own.  Which means that I am almost guaranteed to have below freezing temps, some kind of nasty precipitation, and a weekend of generally bad juju.

On the brighter side, my brother will no longer be living like he just graduated from college.  Fewer links today than normal because I am twenty minutes from leaving for Minneapolis.  On to the links…

Bike and Save the Planet–Bikes rule.  Bikes and infographics together is a mind orgasm:

Top 2011 Sustainable Food Trends–Because it is too easy to pick local or foraging.  I love it when getting rid of single serve containers is seen as progress.  It’s really just getting back to our roots.  Heck, keg beer is a great sustainable delivery vessel for beer.  No matter what Treehugger tells me, I am not down with eating bugs.

Free the F.D.A–The regulatory scheme in the United States is completely messed up.  Some foodstuffs are regulated by the F.D.A., some are regulated by the U.S.D.A., and I am sure other things fall under the purview of a half-dozen nearly unknown agencies.  This just proves the point of how messed up and political are safety truly has become.

The Race for Greener Bottles–This type of stuff receives lots of play in the popular media, but the end result is a slightly better disposable bottle.  Why not use totally recycled plastic?  Pepsico’s own Naked Juice already uses a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic bottle.  Better yet, why not just eliminate the disposable plastic bottle?  Oh wait, that is the soda companies’ entire business model in a nutshell.

If a Tree Falls–This is one of those opportunities that did not go missed.  When two giant sequoias fell in Giant Sequoia National Monument the usual response would have probably been to clear the giants from the trailhead.  Building a way to see the forest evolve is much better.  Just because a tree has fallen to the ground does not mean it has no value to the ecosystem of the forest.


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