That Sinking Feeling

There is no greater feeling of helplessness than listening to your computer’s hard drive making the awful clicking noise and watching data become corrupted in real time.  Yep, my trusty six year old first generation MacBook up and died this weekend.  Happy holidays!

The worst of the crisis was avoided because I had used Time Machine recently and backed up my entire system.  However, I lost some of the most recent Christmas photos and  few random around the house shots.  It hurts, but it was not the devastating blow that my wife was anticipating.

I cannot say enough about the ease with which my Time Machine backup made the process of getting a new computer slick.  Before, I remember having to find the old install discs, install programs one at a time, etc.  Now I just migrated everything over from an external hard drive.  Twenty minutes later my new MacBook Pro was up and running.  Heck, the desktop background was even the same.

Thankfully, the data loss was minimal.  Even though the pictures we lost were of Christmas none of the photos were particularly compelling.  Sometimes our kids just take the worst pictures.  My daughter can manage to look like she is coming off a Keith Richards’ scale epic bender from one shot to the next.

So, computer problems have prevented me from posting for the past few days but rest assured there is good stuff coming.



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