Stuff I Like – Method Laundry Detergent

When I was a kid, I remember there being a craze for things to come in concentrated forms to be diluted into an existing container.  For some reason I think it was Downey.  Whatever.

Method has done away with the dilution step and just decided to sell concentrated detergent.  What is the point of selling something that you are going to dilute with water.  Just use less.  Granted, I live in America where if one cup of something is good two cups of that something must be even better.

The refill bag contains enough liquid for 85 loads.  The hard plastic pump bottle has a capacity for 25 loads.  Here’s what things look like:

Like all other Method products, the laundry detergent is made without the use of potentially toxic chemicals, 95% naturally derived,  and the bottle is made from recycled plastic.  The company claims that the carbon footprint of the detergent is 35% lower than traditional detergents.

More than the traditional green points I dig the packaging.  Why?  The single hand pump is awesome.  Why?  It’s so easy to dispense the right amount of detergent.  It seems like a little thing, but it’s huge when you are juggling life.

The only downside I can see is that the bag is not recyclable.   Why not?

TerraCycle, the patron saints of turning trash into something else, has a program to collect and repurpose Method Refill products.  I am torn on what Terracycle does because it is often repurposing the original item into something not quite so useful.  It’s better than throwing things into the trash, but it is not exactly closing the loop.


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