Weigh-in Wednesday 1/4/2012

It’s 2012 and I am marching toward my weight loss goals.  The holidays are past and with it goes the gluttony of too much food, too much drink, and too much frivolity.  Okay, maybe not too much of those things but surely more than normal.

I would make resolutions, but I have already issued myself challenges for the cold weather months and I see no need to change those.  Warm weather challenges will come as the weather turns from winter to spring.

Weight loss and fitness seem to be at odds for me.  Working out four days a week has become the minimum and getting in six days during the week is when I feel good, but the weight is not coming down.  My clothes fit better and a new pair of jeans in a waist size down already exhibits some of the plumber’s crack problems I associate with becoming slimmer.  Nothing makes you feel better about your body image than having to constantly pull up a newly purchased pair of pants in a smaller size because everything is sliding off your waste.

I feel stronger.  After spending the day helping my brother move I was not winded and watched him struggle mightily with being sore the next day—he took full advantage of my hotel’s access to a hot tub.  And he wondered why I used credit card points for a hotel room.

Three Weeks Ago: 208.2 lbs

This Week: 210.4 lbs

To Lose: 20.4 lbs


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