Weigh-in Wednesday 1/11/2012

I think that I have the fitness portion of my health figured out.  My workouts are consistent and I am really starting to feel that everything is having a lasting effect.  I even think that I have become so accustomed to the workouts that not spending an hour a day getting my sweat on feels wrong.

One area where I know I need improvement is the balance of my diet.  On most days, my wife and I prepare meals at home from ingredients.  People used to call this cooking, but that term seems increasingly applied to people who merely heat things up.  Note to people: Making a pizza from Papa Murphy’s does not count as cooking.  It’s take out you have to finish.

Looking over a week’s worth of dinners it becomes obvious that we are a carbohydrate and dairy heavy diet.  There are a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well, with almost no meat.  So, the goal has to be to reduce the amount of calories taken in via carbohydrates and dairy.

I also think this has something to do with the way I feel a lot of days.  Recently, I began taking a daily oral probiotic in addition to my normal capsule of fish oil and flaxseed oil.  Gotta’ get those omega 3s.  In about a week I was feeling better.  Don’t know if it is psychosomatic or if the probiotics are helping.  Either way it is an improvement.


Last Week: 210.4 lbs

This Week: 209.3 lbs

To Lose: 19.3 lbs


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