The Solofill has Arrived

The Solofill reusable insert for my Keurig B-30 Mini single serve brewer has arrived:

I am very satisfied with my Keurig B-30, but I was very concerned with the waste and this little green devil is the answer.  I hope.

Out of the package, the Solofill seems a little unsubstantial:

The use of the Solofill could not be any easier.  Fill the cup up with your ground coffee of choice, snap the lid shut, and use like any regular K-Cup.  The quality of the brew is similar to any of the K-Cups that I have used in the past, but it has none of the waste problems.  After a morning of work and coffee, I ended up with a small container of spent coffee grounds.  Perfect food for the acid loving plants in my garden.

My only concern with the Solofill is the long term durability, particularly the hinge that holds the top.  It is simply a piece of plastic that will be folded back and forth many times.  Anyone who has played with plastic knows the dreaded appearance of white spots indicating weakness in the material.  Many of my action figures during childhood met that fate.  Only time will tell if the Solofill does any better.

In summation, the Solofill seems to answer the my concerns about waste using my Keurig coffee brewer.


4 responses to “The Solofill has Arrived

  1. Try the ekobrew from…even better imo.

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