My New Overlord

My new Subaru Outback is insidious.  It can control my behavior with the slightest of effort.  How?  Here is how:

That little display of numbers changes the way I drive.  Already, I drove conservatively but now I am veritable hypermiler.  If the display drops below a certain number I am gliding to stops from further back and coming off the line at an intersection with a little more care.  It is brutal how much of a slave I am to three little digits!

Apparently, the science of feedback loops is well documented.  I used to kind of scoff at the displays in the Ford Fusion Hybrid as gimmicks.  That is until I had one staring at me with its cold eye of disapproval at my slightly sporty acceleration or failure to maximize a gliding opportunity.  Damn you MPG display!

Note: The display is liking me today.  23.4 miles per gallon from all in town driving.  Oh yeah!


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