Weigh-in Wednesday 2/1/2012

I am really hovering.  In terms of weight that is.  Right around 205 to 207.  It does not seem to matter how much I exercise or cut back on certain foods, the weight does not come off.  Maybe if I were doing P90X I would look like Tony Horton by now.  We all make choices.

In response, I need to get serious about the food I eat and how much of it I eat.  With two months to go until it is April, I really want to make it below 200 pounds.  I want it so bad I can taste it.  Wait, that is probably a bad way to phrase things.

I would say that I need to exercise more, but I am averaging an hour or more per session for at least five days per week.  So, it comes down to the food.  And beer, my true nemesis.  It looks like those tasty homebrews are going to become treats rather than the norm until I can see the scale read a 1 as its first digit.

Last Week: 205.4 lbs

This Week: 207.2 lbs

To Lose: 17.2 lbs


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