Friday Linkage 2/3/2012

It’s one day past Groundhog Day and this winter is nothing like last year.  The little rodent may have seen his shadow portending more winter, but if it is anything like the last couple of months…bring it on!

And for once, I was prepared in terms of cars.  Damn it!  I would really like some cold weather and snow.  It makes sitting on the couch wrapped up under a blanket drinking a beer watching a movie seem okay.  When I can see grass it seems like I should be outside.  The paradox of good weather.  On to the links…

Green Sea Turtle Baby Boom–This is the kind of stuff that gives me hope.  My four year old daughter loves turtles–she calls them honu like the Hawaiians–and one of the my greatest travel thrills was snorkeling with turtles off of Maui.  I want her to have that experience and this gives my just a glimmer that it will be possible.

Over 50% of Gardeners in a Warmer Zone–Well, if anyone actually believed that climate change was not real witness the new hardiness zones released by the USDA.  At this rate I should wait to plant fruit trees in my yard on the off chance I get to plant citrus.

Coal on the Ropes–We can surely hope so.  No energy source is so awful as coal.  From mountain top removal to scumbag companies that kill their employees to the toxins that spew from coal fired smokestacks it is just the worst way to make electricity.  In the last week over 4,000 MW of coal capacity has been put on notice as having a short lifespan.  Hopefully, more news like this is to come.

India Green Energy Growth–Here is why I have hope for a green energy future.  India is witnessing explosive growth of its green energy sector because it is not so wedded to the infrastructure that demands centralized power plants like the U.S. and China.  Distributed renewables are the future!

Illinois Tops Nation in New Windpower Installations–I doubt we will see a lot of good news about U.S. windpower unless Congress can act on tax credits beyond 2012.  I also love seeing Iowa on these lists all the time.  Every time that I drive north toward Minneapolis to see friends and family it seems like more turbines are in place.

California is 5% Wind Powered–It may not seem like a lot when places like Iowa are over 20%, but California is big.  This represents a lot of windpower in the marketplace which is a good thing.

Will California be the Clean Car Capital of the World?–The new set of California clean car rules, if played out, could dramatically change the market for cleaner automobiles.  Why?  Because the California market would be so large, much like it is for conventional cars, that clean car innovations would naturally bleed into te rest of the U.S.

No More Pink Slime in a McDouble–Well, isn’t this lovely.  McDonald’s has announced that it will no longer be utilizing ammonium hydroxide in its meat products.  Way to go McD’s, you are no longer using a component of explosives in your burger patties.  Thanks.  Watch the Jamie Oliver bit at the bottom.  Sure, it’s  over the top but so is a tongue of pink slime.

Poultry Industry’s Latest Dirty Secret–This reminds me of the moment in Fast Food Nation when the meat company executive asks “There’s shit in the meat?”  Yep, and this is why.  I am getting closer and closer to veganism every day.

Are Soda Makers Really Greener?–Ask Pablo dives into the question and comes out with a reasoned answer.  I am avowed fan of my Sodastream and I know that it is a greener choice.

Turn Down the Heat with a Hot Water Bottle–It seems so quaint.  I used to wonder what these things were when I was a kid and saw them at my grandparents’ house.  This gets to the idea of heating the person more directly rather than warming the entire ambient environment.


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