Stuff I Like: Green Toys

My eight month old son has discovered toys.  Now that he can sit up unsupported for long stretches he just wants to play.  What kid does not?  It does matter…rattles, balls, his sister’s toys…everything is fair game.

After the holidays, my local warehouse store had a set of Green Toys trucks on sale.  In addition, I picked up a Green Toys bath boat somewhere on my last trip to Des Moines:

Why do I like Green Toys?  Let me list the ways:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic – Now I know where some of the milk jugs I have been dutifully recycling for the past decade have been going.  Naturally the good folks at Green Toys have an infographic to tell you how much energy making their toys from recycled milk jugs equates to:

  • Made in the USA – It sounds quaint.  It sounds vaguely like the Tea Party.  Making things in this country makes sense on more than economic grounds.  Mostly I am thinking about safety.  If there is a problem, the source can be tracked down.  Can a toy company say that about a sub-sub-sub-contractor in China?  Probably not.
  • Safety – It goes along with the previous point, but I think it bears mentioning on its own.  Green Toys are free from BPA and other nasty chemicals like phthalates.  Who knows what lurks in the shrink wrapped boxes of your local supercenter?
  • Creative play – This is not something unique to Green Toys, but it is something that I feel is important.  These toys do not light up or beep or talk or make someone follow a prescribed path.  It’s a toy that lets a kid be a kid and goof off.  Sure, the tiger moms of the world will question the validity or sanity of letting your child play but it is my belief that having an imagination is a greater thing than being able to mechanically produce concerto music at age 5.
  • Reduced recyclable packaging – Let me tell you there are few things more depressing than opening a child’s toy and being left with a mound of shredded plastic and foam and whatever else is used to ensure safe delivery.  Green Toys come packaged in cardboard and that is it.  No blister packs or foam holders.

Needless to say, my son loves moving his trucks back and forth across the carpet. And, it makes me feel a little better to know that he is playing with a recycling truck.  You cannot start them too young.


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