Weigh-in Wednesday 2/8/2012

Calories are the devil.  Whether they come in the form of fat or sugars or little diabolical gnomes calories are evil.  Need proof?  In a recent study, participants were all given an extra 1,000 calories per day for eight weeks across a variety of diet types (e.g. low carb, high protein).  The result?  Everyone gained about the same amount of weight.  The moral of the story?  Diet is not a magic bullet unless a corresponding reduction of calories is included.

I have made a conscious decision the last couple of weeks to watch calories.  The first victim was my late evening snacking.  An hour or so before bed I would find myself mindlessly munching on a bowl of chips or something similar.  Next, I started attacking my work snacking.  It is so easy to just eat a few things here or there.  Pretty soon you are talking about real weight gain.

Consider that in the U.S. we eat, on average, 300 more calories per day than the equivalent American did in 1985.  Not so much?  Over the course of a year, all things being equal, this totals 31 pounds.  WTF?  31 pounds?  Conversely, if you can reduce your caloric intake by 300 calories per day, assuming you were static in terms of weight loss or gain, you could lose 31 pounds per year.  It does not seem like much or even seem possible in either direction, but it speaks to the difference that small changes can make to lifestyle.  Here’s to 300 calories.  Oh wait, that’s about what’s in my beer.  Uh oh…

Last Week: 207.2

This Week: 208.8 lbs

To Lose: 18.8 lbs


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