Weigh-in Wednesday 2/15/2012

The rowing machine is here.  As a late Christmas/birthday present to myself, I purchased a Concept 2 Model D with PM3 monitor to break up my indoor workouts.

Like Tony Horton tells me from countless informercials…it’s the science of muscle confusion.  I have been near religious in my workouts–averaging 5 days a week of an hour or more a day on the treadmill–but the rowing machine kicked my ass.  I a little over 35 minutes I was an exhausted mess.  This is going to be good.

The total body workout is a nice departure from aerobic slog that is the treadmill.  Granted, I am just waiting until the weather thaws and I can get out on the bike.  At least I feel like I am headed in the right direction.  The Fat Cyclist has not been so lucky.

Last Week: 208.8 lbs

This Week: 208.4 lbs

To Lose: 18.4 lbs

Note: There will probably be no weigh-in next week due to travel obligations for work.  Ugh.


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