Weigh-in Wednesday 3/7/2012

I am done weighing myself on a regular basis.  Why?

This morning I went to see my doctor (who also happens to be a person with whom I workout with on a regular basis) and he had a few interesting things to say.  Nothing earth shattering and no unknown to me, but things that made me thing.

First, my health was great and slightly improved from the prior year.  LDL and HDL at the optimum levels and in good ratio to ech either.  Blood pressure and  cholesterol low.  Diet fitting to the guidelines.  Basically, the only measure of my health that is “poor” is my weight, especially when looking at my BMI which reads as obese.

My doctor was happy that my weight was down from the prior year, but he knew that over the course of the last six months I have really flatlined on weight loss while doing everything short of starving myself to lose weight.  This was the problem, according to the doc, because weight is only one measure of health.

He was tired of seeing people so focused on weight.  Why?  Too many times a patient, who was thin, would come in and get a sheet full of bad results.  High cholesterol and blood pressure.  HDL and LDL all out of whack.  And so on and so forth.  The natural defense was “Hey, I am not overweight!”  Just because you’re thin does not make you healthy.

His measure of my total fitness, along with the numbers, were that in our shared workouts–a CrossFit style circuit without Uncle Rhabdo or Pukie the Clown–I am blowing past other people and getting stronger every week.  If I could lose the weight without sacrificing something else, great in his opinion but not if it comes at the cost of the other progress I have made.

Weight had taken primacy in my thoughts about health.  I am done with looking at a scale and feeling like I am not doing well.  I wish I could be as succesful as the Fat Cyclist in losing weight, but it does not appear to be in the cards.

Instead, I am going to focus on functional fitness and other goals that are tangential to weight loss.  Down another pant size?  Oh yeah, that’s a goal.  Bike a century?  I am focused.  These are the things I am going to work toward instead of three red numbers on a scale.

Oh, the doc suggested I cut down on my beer intake.  He had to get me somewhere.


2 responses to “Weigh-in Wednesday 3/7/2012

  1. I’ve always thought BMI was BS because it doesn’t take into account body fat and lean muscle mass percentages. An 185 pound male at 10% body fat is quite different from a 185 pound male with 25% body fat, but they are equal according to BMI.

    • Yep. It also is a measurement that does not address the differences in body type, e.g. someone who is a cyclist will have larger legs relative the rest of their body but the weight counts against their BMI.

      I guess I started down this path because I was so focused on not being labelled “obese.” Whatever.

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