Terry Branstad Does Not Get It

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, along with Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Texas Governor Rick Perry, toured a production facility where pink slime…er finely textured lean beef is made.

Check out the short video story.

What really struck me was the comment made by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad at approximately 1:50 in the story.  In response to a question from the media about pink slime he said, in short, that the questioner did not “get it.”  Get what Governor Braindead?

The controversy about pink slime is not about the safety of the product in its end state?  The controversy is about the fact that when a person buys ground beef it may contain a product that does not in any way resemble what we perceive to be ground beef.

Like the Taco Bell taco meat filling controversy, people are upset that there is an adjunct in their ground beef.  Furthermore, the fact that the adjunct is like some kind of food product from the sequel to Soylent Green.  No one would be surprised if a guy came running out of a BPI facility yelling “Pink slime is people!!!”

In 1906, Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle was released and led to a movement for increased food standards.  Sinclair himself said that the leading issue for people was not the treatment of the workers, which was the focus of the book, but the fact that people did not want to eat bad beef.

The controversy is the same.  People do not want to eat pink slime regardless of its safety.

People like Terry Branstad should stop trying to sell people on the merits of the product and stand up for the citizens of his state who are upset over the adulteration of their ground beef.  Too bad it won’t happen because he is in the pocket of the meat packers.

How much is Terry Branstad in the tank for the beef industry?  Let us see…

In 201o, when Branstad’s comeback bid for the governor’s office was successful, he received $150,000 in contributions from the founder of BPI–the company at the center of the pink slime controversy.  He does say that those contributions had nothing to do with his decision to defend pink slime.  Really?



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