Friday Linkage 4/13/2012

Friday the 13th always seemed scarier when I was a kid.  Maybe it was too many movies featuring a hockey mask wearing psychopath, scantily clad teenagers of both genders, rusty garden tools, and some kind of cabin in the woods.

I still get a little unnerved turning onto Elm Street though…

On to the links…

9 States Get More than 10 Percent of Power from Renewables–I love stories like these because it shows the progress that renewables have made regardless of the opposition from fossil fuels.  It also shows how much work there is to be done in transitioning from dirty power to clean renewables.

How We Subsidize the Energy Giants to Wreck the Planet–Bill McKibben has recognized the enemy and he is…us!  Okay, we may not really know how we subsidize the burning of our planet.  See how.

What Happens to Coal if We Don’t Burn It–Brad Plumer really pisses in my Cheerios when he shows how a reduction in coal use by the Western world may not matter because China and India cannot get enough.  Joy.

Americans Throw Away Enough Trash in a Year to Cover Texas–This is the first time I have seen Texas’ size used in a context that I agree with.  Usually it’s “Texas is so big….” fill in the blank with something about being the sixth largest something or the fifth largest other thing.  The idea of a trash covered Texas is slightly humorous and disturbing.  But it is an infographic.

Is an Egg Worth It?–In the name of efficiency we have dehumanized the production of our food so much that it resembles a scene from Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Nothing was funny about that book and nothing is funny about the way our food is commonly produced.

Worst Farm Bill Ever?–Probably not when you consider what some of the farm bills looked like through the 1960s and 1970s.  Earl Butz anyone? Still, the current bill is pretty bad.  Another example of how our farm policies warp our food supply, endanger our lives, and cost us money.

Science Reveals Agriculture’s True Impact–What we grow and how we grow have a huge impact on the planet.  Duh?  Any climate change solutions, therefore, must  include agriculture as part of the problem and solution.

Organic, All-Natural Faux Blueberries–Yep, those little sugar nuggets posing as blueberries in so many box mixes and baked goods can be organic and all-natural.  What’s not to love?  Oh yeah, it’s garbage.

Joel Salatin Rocks–When you get depressed about the current state of food production in the United States take a moment to consider that there are people out there doing the right things.  Joel Salatin, a hero to the food movement, is one of those people. Take a look at his thoughts on the concept of elitism in the food movement.

The “Dark Lord” of Nutrition–It’s short and sweet.  This little video lays out the debate around high fructose corn syrup in an easy to understand way.  Dig it.

Heritage Field Opens Near Yankee Stadium–In what I consider to be one of the greatest scams, the New York Yankees were allowed to build on parkland in the Bronx for their new cathedral to overpriced infielders awaiting roles as DH.  You have to love a country where a private company–the New York Yankees–are allowed to take over a public resource using financing that is tax exempt.  Consider all of this in light of the fact that our children do not get enough time outside to play.  Seems like a good deal.

Don’t Buy a Volt if You Value Your Money–It’s a good chart that shows the relative fuel and dollar savings of a hybrid/electric/high efficiency car over its more traditional counterpart.  I would quibble with the comparison of a Prius and a Camry because it favor the Prius.  A Prius versus a Corolla perhaps.


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