Friday Linkage 5/11/2012

A little late with the links today because it was perfect.  80 degrees and sunny with a pretty brisk wind.  No one was out on the trails for some reason, so it made for a nice afternoon on the bike.

I did not get to check out the Cedar Valley Nature Trail north of County Home Road because it is closed in preparation for paving.  I am of a mixed opinion.  The paving opens the trail for more users but a little gravel and bumps keeps out the “riff raff.”  Oh well…progress.

Republican Budget Infographic–If you were wondering about Republican budget priorities just check them out below:

Bike Funding in Minneapolis Pays Off–At times I think the Twin Cities are overblown as a cycling nirvana.  The weather truly blows and outside of Minneapolis and St. Paul it is still a place where drivers rule.  However, the amenities and culture is pretty sweet if you live in the actual Twin Cities and not just the “metro.”  Plus, Republican hate bikes.

Why You Should Buy Fair Trade–You probably already buy fair trade coffee, but the folks over at Serious Eats lay out a very cogent argument why you should be doing so.  Brew up a cup.

Maternity Ward Swag–This is something that bothered me both when we had our daughter and son.  My wife was committed to breast feeding–making it to one year with both children–and the nurses at the hospital were super helpful in getting us started.  But right next to everything was swag from the forumla makers.  Heck, these people even sent us pre-made bottles just waiting for your preference in nipple.

Funny Solar Ads–These ads have been making the rounds.  SunRun took an offbeat approach, but one that nails where solar power is right now.  It’s not about the granola crowd anymore.  It’s a viable solution for a lot of people because it is reaching grid parity.  Dig it!

Massive Marine Energy Potential–If we could just get off the fossil fuel treadmill that mimics some kind of b-grade crack addiction.  There are a lot of resources out there that could be tapped, but lack the funding that now goes to subsidize highly profitable companies like Exxon.

See What Happens When a Car Dies–Ever wonder what happens to your trusty Subaru or Volvo when it finally gives up the ghost?  Car and Driver takes you through a busy salvage yard in Southern California to show you what happens.

Swimming Pool Vegetable Garden in Quebec–Who put an in ground swimming pool in Quebec? Insanity.

Behold, a Plant Nourishing Urinal–Yep, I use my urine in the yard as a form of fertilizer.  Maybe I need to get one of these…


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