Friday Linkage 5/18/2012

Warm weather really makes the time go by for some reason.  Maybe it is looking forward to riding my bike or spending time outside with the kids or something else entirely.

First world problems, I know.

On to the links…

$2.5M for the CEMAR Trail in Cedar Rapids–Just one day after I was complaining about the lack of connected trails in town, the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization is committing $2.5 million dollars to complete the proposed CEMAR trail.  Currently, only the middle portion is complete and it sits like an orphan scar on trail maps.

Sabo Bridge Near Reopening–The Sabo Bridge in Minneapolis is one of those pieces of bicycle infrastructure that I wish were local to me.  That is until it was closed because support cables began failing.  Oops.  Looks like the bridge, at least in jury rigged fashion, is close to being usable again.

U.S. Rivers Under Siege–Great and frightening interactive graphic of the state of the most endangered U.S. rivers.  Read at your own peril.

Creative Solar Financing–One of the critical issues with getting solar power in the hands of people is creative financing.  While the upfront costs are not as high as people imagine it is still prohibitive.  Here are 5 ideas to alleviate that problem.

U.S. Proposes More Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels–This is one of those boring but important stories.  I wonder how all of this will shake out in terms of solar companies in both the U.S. and China.  Wait and see.

The Coffee Pod People are Taking Over Europe–It seems like these disposable coffee cups are going to be everywhere.  I think I would like one of those fancy Nespresso machines but then I think about the waste and my Mukka Express seems just fine.

Steak or Veggie Burger–I have always been bothered by the false nature of many faux foods.  Why is it better to eat some processed soy product instead of a grass fed piece of meat?  I am going with the meat every time.

Republicans Trying to Kill U.S. Navy Biofuels Drive–Yep, Republicans are trying to prevent the U.S. Navy from pushing forward the entire biofuel industry by inserting language into the House version of the defense bills.   At least this clown legislation has to get through the Senate and be signed by the President before it actually means anything.

Fox News Hypocrisy on Gas Prices–Yep, gas prices keep going down and we do not hear Obama getting credit.  Wonder why?  Oh right, because this is a network run by right wing hacks.

Is There Such a Thing as Vermontness?–Well, on the other side of the coin from the right wing hacks at Fox News are the quite liberal residents of Vermont.  Prohibiting certain stores on principle seems more like a slap in the face of the demographic than it is a condemnation of the stores themselves.

Vermont Becomes First State to Ban Fracking–Prohibiting dollar stores may be annoying, but at least they are doing this.

What Remains of Treece–The idea of this town on the Kansas-Oklahoma border just going away because of pollution from mining is sad and dramatic.


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