To the jerk on the recumbent

To the jerk on the recumbent,

Thank you for reinforcing every stereotype I have ever had about people who ride recumbents.

First, you could not possibly weave anymore on the trail.  There may be a yellow line denoting a north and south bound route on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail but it is merely a suggestion to you.  Heck, it’s more like a game of trying to see how many times you can cross back and forth over it.

Second, you could not possibly hear anyone approaching or anything for that matter because even I could have listened to the Grateful Dead show you had blasting from the ear buds you wore.

Third, it’s nice to see that the concept of a helmet does not apply to you as well.  I am sure that dingy Sierra Club hat will provide a lot of protection when you get creamed by a car because you could not hear them honking at you.


Your friend at My Green Misadventure

BTW, I cannot wait until the Cedar Valley Nature Trail is paved to the north because I will get to see you even more.  Joy.


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