Where’s Jimbo’s Igloo

When somewhat abnormal snowstorms blanketed Washington D.C., James Inhofe’s family built an igloo that they mockingly called “Al Gore’s new home.” 

Today’s temperatures were supposed to go above 95 degrees and tomorrow’s temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees.  Considering that the average monthly high is around 84 degrees I am wondering if the Inhofe brood is going to build a climate refugee camp to celebrate the hot weather.

Probably not.  In reality, they are probably huddled somewhere in air conditioning set to the colder side of a well digger’s ass on the shady side waiting out the heat advisory.

Climate change is like gas prices for Republicans.  If the current weather forecast supports your worldview than Fox News will give you ten minutes to talk about some new conspiracy about the environment.  If the current weather does not support your kooky worldview than Fox News will probably just ignore the weather and trot out some member of the Palin family to talk about nonsense.

By the way, has anyone heard any Republicans crowing about gas prices lately?  A month or so ago you would have thought that the apocalypse was upon us in terms of gas prices.  Now that the market has corrected itself and prices have come down…crickets.



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