Costco is the Devil

A new Costco store opened in Coralville, Iowa last week and I went over the weekend.  My only other experience with Costco is on the Hawaiian islands—yes, all four of the major islands—where the store is a way of life.

Unlike a lot of other Costcos that are plopped down on fields at the edge of town, this store took over a former warehouse for the appliance giant Maytag.  The original plan had been to only use about one third of the structure and tear down the rest for parking.  Something about the structure and the soil beneath meant that plan was not feasible, so the store has indoor parking.  Only in America can I go from my garage to an indoor parking lot and back to my garage.  All without really going outside.  No wonder we are so fat.

I am digging the reimagining and reusing of a vacant light industrial space.  Who else was going to come into a large warehouse space?

Here is why Costco is the devil:

That is a four pound bag of organic quinoa that cost ~$10.  To put it another way, this was a per pound price of less than half what I pay at the grocery store.  What am I going to do with four pounds of quinoa when I use a cup at a time?  I guess I will be finding new recipes all over the internet.

Another reason why this store is the devil:

Yep, six quarts of organic chicken stock.  I think this purchase dovetails with my abundance of quinoa because I use stock to make the quinoa even more flavorful.

I was able to resist the giant tub of almond butter because the sample taste was weak.  It was like paste.  Thankfully, a little spoonful saved me from that purchase.  Plus, it did not have toasted flaxseeds.  Now, what about the giant bag of pretzel roll slider buns that I could not pass up after getting a sample…

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