Blueberry Bonanza

Last year, I planted seven blueberry bushes in an edged planting bed on the side of my house.  During the first year of growth I made sure to pinch off the little white flowers that would have become blueberries.  This year, no such pinching…

Some of the bushes are producing excellent crops in only the second year.  The “Blue Crop” variety is full of small berries in bunches:

The “Elliot” bush has some of the fattest blueberries I have seen:

Even the odd “Pink Lemonade” variety–a concession made to my garden center loving daughter who saw a display with pink blueberries that no three year old girl could resist–is producing a small number of berries:

It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea of a blueberry that is pink.  My daughter just scoffs and says, “Dad, they are really pink berries.”  Thanks.

These have been very low maintenance plants.  I have made sure that they are adequately watered because this June was unusually dry–or maybe it will be usually dry now that climate change is upon us–and that is about it.  All of the bushes seem to be thriving.

I cannot wait until year three when the yield is supposed to spike!


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