It’s Getting Dry Up in Here

The brutal temperatures of the past week appear to have subsided somewhat coming into the new week.  Okay, it’s got to be better because it the mercury is not toying with 100 and the humidity seems to have abated somewhat.

All this change does is allow one to focus on the fact that we are facing drought:

According the USDA’s Drought Monitor huge swaths of the United States are in drought.  Here is what it looks like for my neck of the woods:

It is dry here in eastern Iowa.  Everyone’s grass is getting crunchy, except for those people with sprinkler systems who pour water on their wasteful green carpets, and a lot of the plants are getting stressed.  The corn farmers are starting to really sweat the conditions because this is the time of year when corn needs rain for good yields.

The scary thing is that I cannot imagine what it is like in the areas where drought is severe or extreme.  Friends in Colorado Springs, whose home was spared in the recent Waldo Canyon Fire, try to tell me what it is like but that is no substitute for the crackle in the arid air.

Who wants to debate climate change now?  Oh, and the weather since that last update to the Drought Monitor was posted?  No rain and none forecasted for the next week.  I have a feeling the colors in Iowa are going to keep getting darker and darker.


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