Can We Stop the Hyperbole?

The governor of Maine, Republican Paul LePage, compared the tax/penalty component of the recently upheld Affordable Care Act to the Gestapo.  Yep, the governor compared a new tax to an organization that assisted in the Holocaust.  A tax versus millions of people brutally murdered.  Seems a little overblown.

Perhaps, it is just part of a trend:

Yep, that’s a picture of President Obama with the philosopher Karl Marx, the first leader of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin, and China’s communist leader Mao Zedong.  Seems a little overblown as well.  How does Obama compare, in any way, to these men?  I am waiting for a reasoned response from the legions of Glenn Beck who followed his show onto the internet…oh wait, no one except for a small slice of whackos actually watches his internet show.  Sorry.

Or, my personal favorite:

Here someone is comparing the president with Adolph Hitler.  So, one person at the head of a country who ravaged Europe with war and programmed genocide is compared with a democratically elected president who usurped no laws.  Why?  Oh wait, Hitler was head of a party known as the National Socialists.  It’s socialism!  Wait a second, Hitler was actually a fascist.  Fascists were diametrically opposed to both socialism and communism.  How do I know?  There was the little thing called war with the Soviet Union and the programmed murder of socialist or communist political leaders in Germany.

This hyperbole and myth making has to stop because it is ludicrous.  What happened to the whole “love it or leave it” sentiment of the right wing when George W. Bush was in office?  I guess it does not apply when the guy you did not vote for wins the election.  Elections have consequences right?  Apparently not when you do not agree with the winning side.

The rhetoric has become one of myth and lies.  When a country makes electoral decisions made on myth and lies disaster and ruination will follow.  Too bad the Republican nominee for president is a serial liar.

Reality versus popular myth has been a constant in American politics since the beginning of this country.  Just think about the current situation with regard to taxes.  To hear John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, or Eric Cantor speak one would be led to believe that President Obama has brought back tax rates like those of the U.K. in the mid-20th Century.  The reality:

Wait a second!  Look at the graphed line for all federal taxes in the 1980s.  So, the great “tax cutter” Ronald Reagan actually oversaw an increase in the effective tax rate for the federal government.  Mr. Limbaugh, tear down this myth!


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