Friday Linkage 7/13/2012

It’s Friday the 13th…and that means absolutely nothing to me.  Except for the memories of movies where Jason Voorhies would terrorize stupid teenagers at camp.  I digress.  On to the links…

Less Sitting More Living—Basically, if you sit less and watch less television you will live longer.  While this comes as no surprise it is nice to see that there is finally peer reviewed science that tells us to get of our asses and move!

Burtynsky’s Oil Photos Ported to the iPad—If you ever want to see the majesty and sheer destruction that our global thirst for oil has done to the planet, you must see Edward Burtynsky’s Oil photos in person.  The large prints will sort of blow your mind.  The next best thing is seeing the photos on the iPad.  It’s $10 well spent.

Rising Demand is Giving Biogas a Big Lift—I have always thought that biogas seemed like one of the few “win-wins” to exist in the modern world.  You take a notional waste product—usually a waste product that is dangerous in the case of biogas facilities that use animal manure—and turn it into easily burnt gas.  The technology exists, the technology to exploit the gas exists, and the country has more than enough waste produce to use as feedstock.  Why is this not a bigger deal?

1GW of Solar PV in California—California now has over 1GW of customer installed solar photovoltaic on the grid.  There are a lot of interesting stats and tables in the report.  Check it out.

Humane Society Files Lawsuits Against 51 Hog Operations—This story is receiving a lot of press here in Iowa—surprisingly neutral thus far—because we have most of the facilities named in the lawsuit.  Hopefully this lawsuit sparks a discussion and backlash against the way that CAFOs are allowed to operate in the state, which is to say above or outside the laws established to protect the health of the planet, people, and animals.

In Rooftop Farming, New York City Emerges as a Leader—The growth of urban farming operations on rooftops is amazing.  This is not something I imagined would have gained any traction a decade ago, but here we are discussing operations that are estimated to produce up to 1 million—yes that’s a million—pounds of produce per year.  Wow!

5 Surprising Ingredients Allowed in Organic Food—I remember one of the debates about the government’s creation of organic labeling standards was that it would allow for the creation of “big organic” that subverted the values of the organic food movement.  That is to say, organic food was always about more than simply producing organic food.  It was about a healthy, sustainable, and inherently honest system of food production.  Obviously that sentiment was lost in the chase to establish a government sanctioned standard.

What are Pullet Eggs?—I have run across signs for these at the farmers market, but I have never asked.  Now I know.

Kebab Flowchart—If it’s summer than a grilled kebab can never be more than a few nights away.  A trusty quick dinner, the kebab is an underrated companion to America’s favorite grilling champions of hamburgers, bratwurst, and beer can chicken:

8 Water Saving Tips—As drought grips more of the country saving water should be at the forefront of our home front efforts.


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