Drier by the Day

Well, it’s getting worse.  There was some rain in the state last night, but most of it passed through the northern counties and southern Minnesota leaving the rest of the state dry.  The heat and sun continue, which means the ground just gets more dried out.  It feels like siege warfare trying to save certain plants, but giving up on others feels like failure.

My part of Iowa has not changed its drought condition since last week owing to a little bit of rain:

The more dramatic image is the twelve week animation of the changes in drought conditions nationwide:

At this stage of the game eastern Iowa is down about 35% in terms of inches of rain against the norm.  When drought gets to this level it tends to be persistent.  You cannot get enough rain during the season to make up for the deficit, so you need to hunker down and hope that winter’s precipitation can get you back in the black before the next season.

Right now this year’s corn crop appears to be compromised to a great degree.  The drought hit at a time when the plants were set to pollinate and the drought just decimated that process.  Attention is now being focused on the soybeans in the ground because the plants tend to be hardier and pollinate later, so some timely rain may salvage that crop.  The price of that corn fed steak is going to be high this fall if there are any cattle left to butcher.


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