Post-Apocalyptic Lego Homestead

On a random walk through the Internet, I somehow stumbled across the Lego model for a post-apocalyptic home:

Is this the vision for the world after the apocalypse—zombie, religious, or otherwise—or is it the vision for how we will live in a world ravaged by climate change—an apocalypse of a sort I guess?

A lot of the items that make this house seem like part of a ravaged world are the same things that can make a house self-sufficient and resilient today.  Alternative energy?  Check, although I would think that solar thermal and photovoltaic panels would be a better choice for most locations.  However, as the folks over at Otherpower have shown a wind turbine can be made out of pretty simple materials.  Small scale livestock?  Check, nothing is better at turning scraps into both fertilizer and calories like a pig or flock of chickens.  Rain barrels?  Check, gotta’ make sure that you can wait out a dry spell like we are dealing with right now across much of the U.S.

Heck, there even seems to be a rooftop garden:

I am glad to see that a bicycle was included.  One thing that always chaps me about any post-apocalypse or peak oil story is the sudden resurgence of horses and the complete lack of bicycles.  Really?  In my neighborhood I do not know of one horse, but I can probably put my hands on at least a dozen bicycles between me and my neighbors.  Heck, I have three well-maintained adult sized bikes in my own garage.  Bicycles represent fuel free—aside from the calories burnt by human motive power—transportation devices.

I guess that is too much of a hippie vision for people to accept.

If you want to see the entire gallery, check it out here.


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