Starting to Come Together

Recently, the vendor list for the NewBo City Market was released.  This is the first round of vendors who will have permanent indoor stalls in the market when it opens October 27th.

I am excited to see that Wallace Farms, the source of a lot of my meat products, will have a stall in the market.  I love the monthly buying club, but it is so much easier to menu plan if I know I can get something on a more frequent basis.

The NewBo City Market is starting to feel like it is coming together:

If you build it, they will come:

Okay, I could not help myself.  Anytime I can use a line from Field of Dreams it is going to happen.  Sorry.

It does not look like a lot because there is a lot of equipment surrounding the building and the plaza to be in front is a staging area for the construction, but there is progress.  Trust me.  If you want to see a lot of pictures of the interior and other construction shots check them out here. 

The NewBo City Market is going to serve as a real catalyst for the vitality of this area that was devastated during the 2008 flood.  Already, the Legion Arts’ CSPS Building is open with a ground floor bookstore and coffee shop.  Check out the beautiful restoration job on the historic building next door:

For those of us living in Cedar Rapids the events put on by Legion Arts are a real treasure.

For all of the progress however, signs of the destruction wrought by the flood are never far away.  Next door to the Hose Co. No. 4 building are two abandoned homes:

Down the street, next door to the recently opened Capone’s, is a scene right out of Detroit ruin porn:

These are just two of the examples within a camera shot of the other pictures that I took on a walk with my son.  I know it’s not politically correct, but when I was a kid we used to refer to scenes like this as “looking like Beirut.”

It’s a work in progress, I know, and dealing with FEMA, local governments, and property owners is a tangled mess in the best of circumstances.  Following a catastrophic natural disaster is nothing short of Sisyphean.  However, on a weekday at noon people were streaming into the area to eat lunch which is a harbinger of what this area can become with a little work.  Maybe someone should open a pizzeria like Pizzicletta in Flagstaff.

A nice little touch from my friends at Parlor City:

It’s nice to be able to pump up your tires or tighten a bolt without bringing the tools when you are heading down to New Bo for a few drinks in the evening.  Always better to arrive on two wheels than four.


One response to “Starting to Come Together

  1. The two “abandoned houses” next to the firehouse are not abandoned, but owned by Jon Jelinek, proprietor of Parlor City. He has plans, and partial funding in place, to renovate them. That’s not to say challenges don’t remain, but the progress has been remarkable. Thanks for highlighting it on your blog.

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