Friday Linkage 8/3/2012

Sorry for the late post…work actually got in the way.  I guess I have to work sometimes.

On to the first links of August…

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater–This is one of the best pieces on healthy eating I have read in a while and it has been making the rounds through email of a lot of my friends.  Pass me the paleo diet please…

A Day in the Life of Big Oil–In case you were wondering what it would be like to be the most profitable companies in the history of the world:

The Real Deal on Subsidies: Fossil Fuels $72B vs Renewables $12B–If you thought it could not get any better for the oil companies, dig this:

Koch Funded Study Confirms Human Centric Global Warming–It must suck to spend millions on faux science only to have your own money fund research that confirms the opposite of what you hoped would happen.  Karma is a bitch, but I wish it would get to these clowns faster.

Natural Gas Industry Paying Off Scientists–I do not know why I am surprised to find out that the fracking industry is paying off scientists to keep quiet or alter research, but I am.

U.S. Could Install 200,000GW of Solar–Not saying that we would or that we should, but we could…

Amazon Deforestation Falls for Another Year–It’s a long, slow battle to halt the rate of deforestation in the Amazon, but there at least appears to be progress according to Brazilian officials.

San Jose Installs a Cycletrack–I want some of these installed on roads around Cedar Rapids so we actually have some more places to ride unmolested by morons in steel coffins.  I digress…

$9 Cardboard Bike is A Smooth Recycled Ride–Then I could ride my DIY $9 cardboard bike.

Any Car Could be a Plug-In Hybrid for $3000–If you have to use a car at least make sure it is a plug-in hybrid.

Stay-at-Home Dad Wins Fight to Save Front Yard Garden–I love how the city officials are all ticked off that he used the rules to save his garden.  They only want that to happen when it supports their own viewpoint.  Fight the man!

What Happens to Unplanned Zoo Babies?–It seems crazy to me that zoos would euthanize endangered animals because the offspring was unplanned or did not fit into the genetic pool plan.  Is there not a better solution?

A Year in the Life of Quail Hill Farm–Take a moment and just enjoy the series of pictorials about the year on Quail Hill Farm in New York.


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