Siracha, I Love You!

I love me some siracha sauce.  If I have a recipe that calls for a little “heat” it is my got to source for that bite.  Pasta sauce needs a little zing?  Squeeze some of that red goodness into the pot.  Baked beans a little flat?  The green top bottle comes to the rescue.  It is one of the few ingredients in my house that crosses all culinary boundaries—bacon and butter being the other two.

The story of this condiment is amazing.  The only thing that surpasses its story is its utility.  It seems like other people agree:


Check out the entire cartoon over at The Oatmeal.  I haven’t “napalmed the jungle” yet, but it is going to enter into my toolkit to keep lunch snipers from snagging a bite.  Although some people might need a ghost chile to deter them.

But, I draw the line at siracha or any hot sauce in my beer.  I am not about to start making cocky roosters or micheladas anytime soon.  Sorry.


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