At Last!

On Saturday, I started my bicycle ride like so many others this summer with a short jaunt north on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail from Robins.  All summer the CVNT has been closed for paving north of County Home Road.

Not today!  The signs announcing the trail was closed were down and the barricades were removed.  It was smooth sailing all the way to Schultz Road where the old crushed limestone trail resumed.  I do not know if this was the official opening of the trail because snow fence was still in place along the trail in spots and the final grading does not appear to be done.

My hats go off to all of the people behind this project because it enhances one of the true gems we have for outdoor recreation in eastern Iowa.  Ideally, the trail runs from Waterloo/Cedar Falls through Cedar Rapids and finishes in Ely.  There is a bridge out near Brandon due to the floods in 2008 so the route is not contiguous right now.  Nonetheless, it is a great way to spend an afternoon on two wheels.

Currently, the Linn County Trails Association is conducting a survey to rank the priorities for future projects.  My hope is the the “orphan” sections of trails in the area can be connected to form a world class system of trails.  For the moment, I will enjoy what I have.


One response to “At Last!

  1. linncountyconservation

    Hello! Glad you’ve enjoyed the CVNT! Yes, it is officially open, but thought I’d give you a heads up that there may be some future closures. There is some cracking on the trail. The engineers and contractors are working on a solution to fix the cracks. We do not have a timeline or resolution in place yet. We will post signs again if/when it needs to be closed for the crack repair and details will also be in our website.
    Happy riding!

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