Bike Trailer Kickstarter

Cargo bikes fascinate me.  I would love to own a longtail bike in the Xtracycle mold.  Maybe a Surly Big Dummy

But, I think these bikes are like owning a F-250.  Sure, I would use the bike on occasion for its intended purpose.  However, a more scaled down solution would be more sensible.  Like a trailer for my Subaru Outback.  I could always went a truck for the two times a year I really need the pickup.

A trailer would be a better solution to my desire to haul cargo or groceries or beer.  Yes, everything comes back to beer.

Most trailers are either too small–intended for small loads on tours–or too large–intended for more industrial applications.  Enter the Kickstarter project from Wandertec…the Tuba:

This is a Goldilocks size…just right.

Everything seems just right with what these folks are bringing to the table.  Interesting.  I can almost see myself towing a load of 22 ounce bottles to a friend’s place behind my Bontrager.



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