Friday Linkage 8/17/2012

It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, so I thought some shark themed links were in order…

This infographic from the Discovery Channel is a nice primer on the status of sharks today.

What Would Happen if Sharks Disappeared?—Sometimes you have to think about the worst case scenario to get people thinking about making some kind of positive change today.  We have a hard time understanding the role of apex predators in the environment.

In Cancun, Trying to Protect Reef with Underwater Statues—I do not know if this is more about promoting tourism or protecting a reef, but the underwater statue park sure is interesting:

Superfund Efforts to Clean up Waterways Come with Risk—I love how companies are allowed to pollute for the better part of a century and then make the claim that it is better to leave the pollution alone.  Sorry Charlie, but we need to remediate these problems.  It is your responsibility.

Paul Ryan’s Budget is Nice to Big Oil—Imagine that, Republican wunderkind Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican candidate for vice president, has a budget that is very nice to oil and gas interests.  Call me shocked…oh wait, not really.

Soot Pollution 101—Soot pollution is one of those insidious environmental problems that is hard to talk to people about, yet it impacts everyone in various ways.  All of them negative.  Get educated and make a difference.

50 Year Decline in Some Los Angeles Vehicle Pollutants—The next time some right wing proto-fascist tells you that government regulation is shackling the United States take the time to point out that the government regulation of tailpipe pollutants is a major cause for celebration.  The air is cleaner and people are healthier because the government required car and fuel makers to clean things up.  End of story.

Efficiency is Powering Job Growth in Automotive Manufacturing—Vehicles are getting increasingly fuel efficient and not always at the cost of size, so people are not forced to compromise when making choices.  These same people are buying new, more fuel efficient vehicles that replace older, less fuel efficient vehicles that are raising the average fuel economy of the fleet.  There are some victories out there.

U.S. Using Less Gas than Anytime Since 2007—How much of a victory?  Oh yeah:

The U.S. consumption of gas peaked in 2007—just prior to the 2008 mega recession—and has not recovered, so to speak.  Sometimes I feel like I am screaming at the rain and at other times I feel like dancing.  Break out the dub step.

We Must Put a Price on Nature in Order to Save It—I have seen this argument made in the past and I do not know if I agree with it.  Do we need to put a price on something to save it or can something have a value so great that it cannot be monetized?  If we monetize nature, do we destroy its inherent opposition to a cold, industrial world?

How a Texas Town got Water Smart—San Antonio is water smart and with most of the country in the throes of drought we would be wise to consider learning as many lessons as possible.  Often, it is not about reducing our use of water, but reducing our waste of water.  There is a small and critical difference when making that argument for change.

Bears Break into Cabin and Drink All the Beer—Who can blame some bears for seeing a fridge full of beer and wanting to enjoy themselves?


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