Todd Akin Speaks for the Republican Party

The Lorax may speak for the trees, but Todd Akin speaks for the Republican Party:

If you think that these beliefs are taken out of context consider what is going to be in the official Republican Party “plank” for the upcoming convention:

  • A complete ban on abortions with no exceptions in the case of rape and/or incest
  • No legal recognition of same sex couples because if Republicans just ignore gay people and the hate within their own party maybe gay people will just go away
  • A shout out to the joy of mandatory ultrasounds because Republicans want government out of healthcare decisions unless it is the healthcare decisions they choose to interfere with
  • Arizona-style immigration laws for everyone because Governor Jan Brewer is the person you want to emulate when it comes to effective legislation
  • Audit the Fed because the Ron/Rand Paul acolytes had to be given a little red meat otherwise they were going to throw a fit and take their toys home with them
  • Guns, guns, guns because the NRA said so
  • No new taxes unless it is to fund war or the Department of Defense or an increasingly militarized police force or whatever they want save for actually helping people

It is going to be a fun fall.


One response to “Todd Akin Speaks for the Republican Party

  1. The republican party just needs to die!! simply go away! if your not wasp republican male they couldn’t care less about you

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